How to make sure projects tie down to business objectives

A major reason why businesses fail is that organizations venture into projects that don’t tie down with the core strategies of the organization. Infact, strategy is an often misunderstood concept. Companies often spend much time describing ‘what’ they want to be and almost no time talking about ‘how’ to achieve goals and objectives. This brings us to the fundamental problem of defining strategies.

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Contingency and managing risks

The connection between contingency and risk management is subtle. Seeming to unconnected variables in the grand scheme of project management is now identified as having a significant impact on one another. The late realization of the existing connection can be attributed a shortcoming of understanding in traditional project management. Specifically, how contingencies are normally used up in projects (and still used up today)

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Failed products of famous companies

Product failure is part of any business venture and rather inevitable. Companies are willing to take a risk when they bring out a new product and if it catches on, then the gamble paid and success and fame awaits. When said gamble doesn’t pay off, the result can ruin the company’s image and could even drag the company down.

Let’s have a look at some products of famous companies that failed miserably

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Political prisoners of Maldives


After the elections held in Sep 23, 2018 that resulted in heavy handed loss to the ruling party, most of these prisoners have been released under bail or cases entirely dropped. Information presented in the article is therefore no longer accurate

Come September 2018, Maldives will be holding its presidential elections.  Actions of the current government has drawn a lot of international and domestic criticism due to sentencing of politicians after sketchy court proceedings. The following is a list of all the political prisoners of Maldives

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Reading Inspirations – The Connection & Experience

This happens to me a lot and I believe millions of other people out there. I start reading a book or novel on a random basis, choosing it because of its title, synopsis, cover, author or some portion that catches my attention. Yet not far into the story, I get bogged down.

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Aligning projects with Business strategy

It is entirely possible to have successful projects that don’t align with the business strategy. How useful can these projects be? Continue reading →

A Guide to Personal Freedom

This article reviews one of the simplest-thought-provoking books I have read this year. The book by Ruiz Miguel, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” draws about the traditions of ancient Toltec’s; a group of indigenous people of Mexico.

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Is restorative justice enough?

What if we lived in a world where there were no prisons? Sure, this is difficult for most people to grasp, a community where criminals can be integrated to society and help them restore their self-esteem, repair relationships destroyed by their crimes, help them understand perspectives and become accountable to their actions in a healthy manner. Continue reading →

How to estimate the easy way and the hard way

The subjective and unknown nature of projects often lead to use of subjective techniques and estimating is part of the process. Estimates are a key activity of any project, specially more so in the beginning of projects when things are still cloudy and murky. Estimates are subjective because they tend to fall victim to bias, and the high degree of variability associated in initial estimates. Estimates are mainly done for cost and durations involved in schedules and it is also used in doing feasibility studies before projects begin. Continue reading →

Project classifications

General project management makes project classification hard. Why? Inherent attributes of a project makes it so. Projects are unique, temporary, finite and time bound. Projects across the industry are much the same. These attributes often makes project classification a daunting task. But it is a necessary step in order to adopt a project management style for projects. Continue reading →

The risk appetite

Qualitative risk assessments often involve assessing the risk management plan against the risk appetite of a company. A risk appetite represents the willingness an organization to take risks. This notion is against the common belief that all risks should be minimized and organizations should not be involved in taking risks. Taking risks is not only necessary, it is a common happenstance in the business world.  Continue reading →

Hijab; an icon of feminism

Hijab; the veil or headscarf most commonly seen worn by Muslim women has been perceived by the mainstream world as an oppression of women’s identity or slavery of their freedom. However, looking a bit deep, this is not the case to many Muslim women. Continue reading →

Gender identity – celebrating people with freedom and love

Gender identification and sexual orientations; or how we identify ourselves socially and individually are important parts in satisfying our souls and understanding where we belong. It’s natural that we all want clear definitions on how we should identify ourselves. Hence, understanding gender identity has become a significant but biased and prejudiced global phenomenon. Continue reading →

The obsession of social equality

Social equality or in some cases “inequality” has become a biased norm driven without a baseline of what we are measuring how equal we are. Usually, we are even confused if we understand the term – equality – and what which aspects of equality are we talking about. Are we comparing ourselves to social, economic and political characteristics, or talking about rights and privileges as an individual or as part of the society? Or is it the quality of services we sustain on our rights? Continue reading →

Controversial Legacy of Marxist Revolutionist – Che Guevara

Above all, try always to be able to feel deeply any injustice committed against any person in any part of the world. It is the most beautiful quality of a revolutionary.

Che Guevara

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